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Sandra Evans

Date : March 5, 2019

Sandra Evans is the principal and founder of wire notebook sf located in Novato, California.  This is the newest company for Sandra Evans. Previously she had Sandra Evans & Associates, in Sausalito, primarily a design and communications and public relations business. Prior to that she had Piston Creative Consortium, a consortium of design and film and video production talent that she represented and managed projects with before the creative consortium concept was a common practice. Before Piston, Sandra was a producer and marketer for several leading Bay Area video production and graphics companies. As a freelance producer and project manager with advertising agencies, she was exposed to some of the best talent in the Bay Area with whom she continues to work.

Some of her successes include, being the public relations agency of record for San Mateo County Fair for five years, launching Metromint, a bottled water brand from Soma Beverage Company, handling community outreach for Cavallo Point, the luxury lodge in Sausalito and managing numerous branding and communications projects for clients that include technology, food and beverage, hospitality, fairs and festivals.

wire notebook sf combines sandra’s passion for video and film production, graphics, marketing, public relations and communications.  She currently has a documentary film project in development, having produced a trailer for the film West Coast Cool Jazz, about West Coast Cool Jazz (music created by Chet Baker, Art Pepper, Vince Guaraldi, Dave Brubeck, and others) during the 1950s and 1960s in California with her partner in the film, Frank Zamacona.

About wire notebook sf

“Many people start a project or a business with a design or some notes on a pad of paper, notebook or even cocktail napkin. Stories about this are legendary among advertising people. So I wanted to convey the contrast of an “analog” tactile notebook with clean design that imparts innovation and forward thinking. Ideas have to start somewhere and fresh new ideas and companies are what we get the most excited about.”

Her other passions include spending time with her two dogs: Evie and Lisette, her husband Alan, her horse, Wren, music, film, books and getting lots and lots of exercise…

sandra taking a break on a 36 million dollar estate during an outdoor art event that she produced.


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